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Typically, a program like Aegisub is used to help with the task to produce a timed script. The timed script contains code that displays the subtitles at the appropriate times with respect to the audio and video when individuals are speaking. Timing can occur after or before editing and translation checking. This step can sometimes be time consuming.


The job of the translator is self-explanatory: translation.The bare minimum the translator will do is dialogue translation, which is the translation of what's spoken in the show. Depending on the translator and the group, background dialogue or voices, and signs that appear may be translated. Our Translators are our most important driving force in a fansubbing group.


The typesetter applies subtitle styling (font style, font size, subtitle coloring, etc) to the dialogue subtitles; and creates text and uses styles text via .ssa/.ass override commands associated with various signs that many appear in the video, as indicated and translated by the translator. Typically, typesetting occurs after translation checking, timing, and editing, and before encoding.


The encoder is the person who puts everything together after all the work is done into a final release. The encoder also touches up raws as needed before the final encode to make it look cleaner and nicer while dealing with various raw quirks, like 120fps raws, h.264 in .avi containers, and the like.


Will be the ones who can upload to either youtube, dailymotion or have cloud storage with enough space and dedication to keep the file up for as long as possible.

Current Projects

[NEOSUBS] 201126 NCT WORLD 2.0 E07 40%
[NEOSUBS] 201119 NCT WORLD 2.0 E06 57%
[NEOSUBS] 201203 NCT WORLD 2.0 E08 69%
[NEOSUBS] 201015 NCT WORLD 2.0 94%
[NEOSUBS] Teach Me Japan 100%
[NEOSUBS] NCT LIFE : DREAM in Wonderland 100%
[NEOSUBS] Bu:QUEST With NCT Dream 100%
[NEOSUBS] 200925 SuperM's As We Wish E01 100%
[NEOSUBS] 1910019 We Play E03 With Taeyong & Jaehyun 100%
[NEOSUBS] 200921 WayVision With WayV E01 100%

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